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Sorry, but I’m out.

Go ahead, fuck with me!

Go ahead, fuck with me!

Cannot do this any longer.  As much as I want to keep up with the atrocities being committed in what used to be the greatest country on earth, I just can’t handle it any longer.  It affects my health.  The game is the same only the pace has changed as well as the actors.  I do see some flickering embers of liberty showing up but I fear it is too late.  Too late to solve anything by traditional means.  That means only one thing.  And when the time comes, I urge … we know who the enemy is … take no prisoners!  Molon Labe!

Molon Labe

Until then FUCK YOU!  And you know who you are.


News from The Associated Press

News from The Associated Press.

Keystone XL oil pipeline clears significant hurdle

All in favor, say “Aye!”  “Aye!”

All opposed, say “Nay!” “Nay!”  The “Ayes” have it!

The opposed represented by one Ms. LEFTIwicz.

Why?  Because it might endanger the So. Dakota burying beetle.

Very good Leftiwicz.  Now go back to YOUR hole and turn off the lights that fossil fuels provide energy for so you can write your stupidity.

“American” burying beetle my ass!  Are you serious?  Are you frick’in kidding me?

State of the Coup Overview: A Huge Disconnect Between Washington and Us – The Rush Limbaugh Show

State of the Coup Overview: A Huge Disconnect Between Washington and Us – The Rush Limbaugh Show.

A review of the SOTU by none other than Rushbo.  If you are like me and did not watch, this is a great summary and I appreciate him taking the punishment of enduring the time with Barry and Congress in his face to experience this show for me.

The biggest disgrace was using a war hero who is seriously disabled from and IED explosion that almost killed him, to pose as caring for the military and our fighting warriors.  The truth is anything but.  Disgusting.

US Army Staff Sgt. Cory Remsburg,

US Army Staff Sgt. Cory Remsburg,

Read on …

Curbing Leviathan Series: Withdraw All Voting Support by Bill Buppert | ZeroGov

Curbing Leviathan Series: Withdraw All Voting Support by Bill Buppert | ZeroGov.

Why vote?  Does it really matter any more?  I don’t think so and for the first time in my life, I was moved to skip the farce that is the election cycle which is hailed as the Great American exercise in democracy, or freedom or some such thing.  But it doesn’t matter.  Consider it for yourself as the 2014 cycle rolls around.  Don’t contribute.   Don’t feed the beast.  It is money wasted … money you could put to better use.

12 Biggest Donors of the 2012 Election

Besides, something like the top 12 wealthiest people contribute most of the money anyway.

campaign limits

Who do you think gets attention?  Joe Citizen?  Are you serious?  Are you frick’in kidding me?

Fred On Everything

Fred On Everything.  The Pursuit of Racial Amity

Quote: “Pondering the smoking ruins of American racial policy, I wonder whether it isn’t time to say publicly what many, if not most, of both races know: It isn’t working. It isn’t going to work. If it were, it would have. If it were working, we would not need the unending laws to force the races together when they don’t want to be together. If people wanted diversity, it would happen without compulsion..”



A good read with lots for thought and discussion.  But the bottom line is the government cannot legislate peace between races.  Good grief, look at the issues between whites in Europe.  British vs. French vs. Germans vs. Italians vs. Spanish vs. Greeks vs. Danes vs. … you get the picture.  These are all white people and they can’t get along!

Black vs. White?  Forget about it!

I am being facetious with that last statement.

Being a college grad with a masters degree, I have met, studied and worked with many people of different color and ethnicity’s.  There are, like with any group of people, smart ones, not so smart ones, honest, dishonest, friendly, unfriendly, charismatic, introverted … again, just as in any group of people.

But when the race hustlers like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton push the agenda of self-segregation and keeping blacks mired in the troubles of the ‘hood, well, most are kept in a prison of sorts being mental prisoners from attempting to try to rise above it all.

And to me the biggest clincher of all is the fact that black voters gave their vote to Barry at a clip of more than 90%, an unheard of portion which says to me that this voting block is not taking time to think.  They are captives of the race game, many with their hands out in the welfare game and other government benefits from the “War on Poverty” which has not fixed a damn thing over fifty years and trillions of dollars of taxpayer money spent, I mean wasted.

What is needed is a message that is American.  But it is hard to hear when people “believe” they are defeated and are not a part of America, hence, their efforts to live apart … their own neighborhoods, schools, language, dress code, law, etc., and now many are being converted to Islam during their incarceration because they are “victims.”

But the government enforcing peace between the races?  Legislating it?  Are you serious?  Are you frick’in kidding me?

Obama Promises a Dramatic ‘Year of Action’ – With or Without Congress – Minutemen News

Obama Promises a Dramatic ‘Year of Action’ – With or Without Congress – Minutemen News.

Stupidity.  I cannot stand to listen to it much less watch it.  So I did not watch the State of the Union address for 2014.  I’m glad I didn’t.  The attached link gives a quick summary of King Barry’s edicts.


Of course, he and the dimmocrats are doing it for the children, for American families … yeah right!  Are you serious?  Are you frick’in kiddin me?

A Little Something I Made for Inspiration

The picture below is a combination of a photo I took of the American flag flying at the Manila-American Cemetery in Taguig, Philippines. A beautifully kept memorial for those who died fighting for and dying to free the Philippine Islands from the tyranny of Imperial Japan in WWII.

The words are from Chief Tecumseh of the Shawnee Indian tribe. Inspiring words that were used in the movie about our Navy SEAL’s in “Act of Valor.”


It should behoove every citizen to remember that life is precious, freedom is not free and the wolf is always at the door. If you want to protect what is valuable to you, important to you, you must be prepared physically, mentally, and spiritually to fight and even die for those things. And a good thing to remember is that because we live in a “free” society, our enemies have the luxury of mixing among us planning their devious and evil schemes to disrupt our way of life and take our lives if possible.  We call these “domestic” enemies and they also like to call themselves Americans but are really traitors in our midst.

So read the words of Chief Tecumseh and think of them, pray on them and then take action to get your mind, body and spirit ready to defend yourself, your family and your country because the fight will come … maybe sooner than you think. Study history. It always does. No one, no city, no state, no country is immune. Word.

Christian Grammy Nominee Natalie Grant Walks Out of the Grammys – The Black Sphere

Christian Grammy Nominee Natalie Grant Walks Out of the Grammys – The Black Sphere.

The Grammy’s.

I thought this was a show to honor artists and sell their music but apparently it has devolved into an entertainment show that is anything but about the music.  It is about sinking to the lowest, basest, immoral and crass behavior of those who are looking for a stage to show off their bad behavior.

Touch me!  Feel me!

Touch me! Feel me!

Da Bling!

Da Bling!  Guess that makes up for all the abuse she takes.

That is why I do not watch the Grammy’s any longer.

Back to the music.  Some good stuff there.  Too bad I won’t hear more about the really good artists and new songs because the MSM is filling up all the space with news about the good time and mis-behaving that went on with everyone having such a good time.  Makes me think of things like the Hooker’s Ball back at the Cow Palace back in the day.  Totally weird.  But that’s what it’s all about, right?  Not about class, but about how weird can you be and what weirdness can you pull off displaying your weirdness in order to get press coverage of your outrageous acts.

Awards show?  Are you serious?  Are you frick’in kiddin me?

Brutally Honest

Brutally Honest.  This is the story of the 9/11 BOATLIFT.  The greatest ship based evacuation since Dunkirk.

You have to check this out.  It is a great story.  And one that happened on the water.  Amazing although saying it was bigger and completed faster than Dunkirk kind of skirts small facts like ships having to cross the English Channel and taking on survivors while under fire from the enemy.  A few small details even though 9/11 was traumatic in its own right.



Good on you seafarers who came to the rescue and have memories to share.

Brutally Honest: “You can’t use that word any more, ever…”

Brutally Honest: “You can’t use that word any more, ever…”.

Seattle beats SF in NFC Championship game.  Final play is pass attempt to Michael Crabtree with Richard Sherman defending.  There are only a few seconds left on the clock when Sherman intercepts the pass ending the game with a win for the Seahawks.


Fast forward to post-game interview.  Now I watch some NFL football but don’t really keep up with who all the players are and there are only a few teams I really care about.  So I had to wonder who this guy, Richard Sherman was that went nuclear during the interview on Michael Crabtree for, to me, some unknown reason.

Some have called his behavior “thuggish,” me, well, I just said “What an asshole!”  It wasn’t until the big brouhaha built up steam and claims of “racism” that I learned about how he had graduated from Stanford and how smart he supposedly is.  But then again, when did smarts ever indicate the ability to be gracious under the limelight?

Racist my ass!  Jerk is more like it.  An All-Pro NFL cornerback jerk at that.  Go figure.  But racist for calling him a “thug”?  Well, if the shoe fits …!  Are you serious?   Are you frick’in kidding me?

Regardless, for the Super Bowl, my money is on Denver!  Payton Manning all the way and he gets the edge based on experience, not the color of his skin!