I know there are people out there in the web-o-sphere who like to hear different opinions.  Or maybe you like to have your own validated by hearing similar ones.  In any case, I look forward to giving you the benefit of my sixty plus years of experience worth of living.  Some, like my kids, could care less what I think.  Well, that is their loss.  I think sooner rather than later they will come calling because their so-called ‘hero’s’ are being shown for what they really are … posers!

People who have worked hard and built things for themselves, for others know the price of that work and value inherent to it.  Others who have had everything given to them cannot and will not appreciate anything until they have earned it for themselves.  Merely having it and losing only to have it replaced is still not the same experience.

I offer you myself, a second generation Hispanic male of Mexican ancestry, but All American as I was born in the USA and raised an ARMY brat.  I went to college and earned an engineering degree, worked and then went back for my MBA.  Then I worked for many years for one of the preeminent electronics/computer companies in the world … Hewlett-Packard Co.  That was a fantastic experience working with great people from all over the world and learning a way of business, a way of life that was very American, a way that was always, ALWAYS, striving to be the absolute best!

I’ve been married, divorced, I am a father and followed “the rules” in everything I did.  I was raised Roman Catholic but at the age of thirty was ‘reborn’ by baptism immersion in a non-denominational church.  At the age of thirty, I opened the Bible for the first time and it was, and still is, an amazing experience.

I thank God that He brought me to the Philippines because I have the most wonderful woman to live my life with.  My career was cut short by a car accident that left me unable to work due to a head injury, well more of a traumatic brain injury.  Even writing this blog is challenging.  But I take my time, rest, continue, and make my way to a finished product.  The main residue of the accident is headaches/migraines and short term memory issues.  I can’t multi-task well or concentrate too long without getting a worse headache.  I always have a headache.

So that is me kind reader, in a nut shell.  Ha ha.  A bit of self-deprecating humor there as I do feel a bit nutty much of the time.  But I remind myself of a joke I once saw that makes me laugh.  It was a picture of Albert Einstein saying “Smart Motherfuckers always seem like Crazy Motherfuckers to Stupid Motherfuckers!”  Or maybe a more genteel way of saying it is “It hard to soar like an Eagle when you are surrounded by Turkeys!”

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