A Little Something I Made for Inspiration

The picture below is a combination of a photo I took of the American flag flying at the Manila-American Cemetery in Taguig, Philippines. A beautifully kept memorial for those who died fighting for and dying to free the Philippine Islands from the tyranny of Imperial Japan in WWII.

The words are from Chief Tecumseh of the Shawnee Indian tribe. Inspiring words that were used in the movie about our Navy SEAL’s in “Act of Valor.”


It should behoove every citizen to remember that life is precious, freedom is not free and the wolf is always at the door. If you want to protect what is valuable to you, important to you, you must be prepared physically, mentally, and spiritually to fight and even die for those things. And a good thing to remember is that because we live in a “free” society, our enemies have the luxury of mixing among us planning their devious and evil schemes to disrupt our way of life and take our lives if possible.  We call these “domestic” enemies and they also like to call themselves Americans but are really traitors in our midst.

So read the words of Chief Tecumseh and think of them, pray on them and then take action to get your mind, body and spirit ready to defend yourself, your family and your country because the fight will come … maybe sooner than you think. Study history. It always does. No one, no city, no state, no country is immune. Word.


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