Brutally Honest: “You can’t use that word any more, ever…”

Brutally Honest: “You can’t use that word any more, ever…”.

Seattle beats SF in NFC Championship game.  Final play is pass attempt to Michael Crabtree with Richard Sherman defending.  There are only a few seconds left on the clock when Sherman intercepts the pass ending the game with a win for the Seahawks.


Fast forward to post-game interview.  Now I watch some NFL football but don’t really keep up with who all the players are and there are only a few teams I really care about.  So I had to wonder who this guy, Richard Sherman was that went nuclear during the interview on Michael Crabtree for, to me, some unknown reason.

Some have called his behavior “thuggish,” me, well, I just said “What an asshole!”  It wasn’t until the big brouhaha built up steam and claims of “racism” that I learned about how he had graduated from Stanford and how smart he supposedly is.  But then again, when did smarts ever indicate the ability to be gracious under the limelight?

Racist my ass!  Jerk is more like it.  An All-Pro NFL cornerback jerk at that.  Go figure.  But racist for calling him a “thug”?  Well, if the shoe fits …!  Are you serious?   Are you frick’in kidding me?

Regardless, for the Super Bowl, my money is on Denver!  Payton Manning all the way and he gets the edge based on experience, not the color of his skin!


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