The Eternal Darkness of the Progressive Mind | VDH’s Private Papers

The Eternal Darkness of the Progressive Mind | VDH’s Private Papers.

With no guiding light to led liberal thought, they instinctively gravitate to to lowest common denominator, the most base and depraved for a cause, for salvation as if their efforts for the “lost” will save them even though they have no afterlife to believe in.

And so it is with movies that portray the story of American warriors on the front facing the enemy.  But the story is accepted, even though produced by their own Hollywood types, as propaganda.  The L.A. Weekly’s Amy Nicholson called the movie a “jingoistic snuff film” that “bleeds blood red, bone-fracture white, and bruise blue” and assumes “brown people bad, American people good.” Similarly, Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir called it a “jingoistic, pornographic work of war propaganda.”

Well, I wonder if the movie makers are crying over their bank accounts since the movie has been a big hit for a troubled industry.  But to minimize and condemn the sacrifice of those Americans who volunteer to train, fight, bleed and die for our country is beyond the pale.

It is their story.  Propaganda?  Are you serious?   Are you frick’in kidding me?


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