Borepatch: security “shameful”

Borepatch: security “shameful”.

Why won’t anyone call Barry and his minions on their little game?  With all the time and money supposedly thrown at the ObamaCare website (never mind liberal efforts to shed that moniker, it will always stick!), there is no way that so much could be wrong with this kind of project without it being INTENTIONAL.

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It is not about being inept or incompetent.  No one is that stupid.  This was an intentional effort to achieve other goals.  How do you spell government control of ALL health care?  I have never liked the oh so nice sounding name “Single Payer” system.  Makes everything sound so … simple, easy, trouble free … doesn’t it?  But who knows what evil lurks behind that name?  Smart people do.  Yes, they have fooled many people but not all the people.

But apparently our elected representatives in DC are part of the game because everyone keeps playing with this & that piece of the puzzle like it can be fixed.  It can’t.  It was designed to be unfixable so that other ends could be achieved.

And in spite of revelations of the government spying on citizens and abrogating our constitutional rights, you still believe they give a hoot about protecting our “private” data?  Are you serious?  Are you frick’ing kidding me?  You must be mental!


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