Gunslinger’s Journal: Bottom LIne

Gunslinger’s Journal: Bottom LIne.

I think more and more people are beginning to wake up to the idea about what is going on both in America and around the world.  During the last few decades of economic growth and the spread of freedom, while good men were busy getting on with their lives and enjoying things, others were likewise busy at nefarious deeds aimed at bringing down the best the world has achieved … ever.  Why?  For personal power and personal gain.

For no other reason than to be the Lord over as many as possible and to rampage over the earth in their efforts to achieve their rightful position as the elite, the rulers of the masses because they are so great, in their own minds.

Well, take a read at what Gunslinger has to say after he provides a quote from George Orwell.  His final question should be easy for all to answer because it means the difference between your life or death.


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