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Sultan Knish: The Redistribution of Freedom

Sultan Knish: The Redistribution of Freedom.

You may have heard the news stories of gays being denied the services of a particular photographer because the photographer had religious beliefs that were at odds with being involved with a gay wedding.  Or the baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple’s wedding.

Makes me wonder about the social aims of the people/groups behind these cases taken to court.  I think most reasonable people, consumers that is, would say fine, I wouldn’t want to spend my hard earned money here anyway!  I’ll go down the street and probably get a better cake.

In the free market, people are free to buy and sell with whomever they choose.  From a good business etiquette standpoint, you may not stay in business too long by limiting your customer base but when your personal values are involved, something more than a prejudice that many can get past, some people have to draw the line.  Everyone is being so nice to Muslims these days.  Well, what if your wedding is scheduled during Ramadan and the photographer or the baker you have approached is Muslim?  Are you going to insist that they ignore their religious beliefs to meet your needs, or will you give them an understanding pass because they are an oppressed Muslim and not a Christian?  The Christian you will persecute.  The Jew you will persecute.

So a seller refuses to sell to someone for whatever reason.  Unless this seller has a monopoly on a product or service, the consumer is free to go source the product or service somewhere else.  It is what liberals are so great at talking about … choice.  Vote with your feet.  Vote with your wallet.  Go buy somewhere else.  Don’t spend your money where it is not wanted.  What is so frick’ing hard about that?  Why make a federal case out of it?  Do you think you are something special that you need the government to force someone to do something for you?  When someone is forced to do something for you, do you know what the results are likely to be like?  Probably not great.  Why?  Because the supplier was forced against their will.  Then what will you do?  Sue them for poor performance?  Where does it end?  What do you gain?

Ever heard of “word-of-mouth” advertising?  Use it.  You can tell the story to your family, friends, neighbors and try to encourage them to shop somewhere else.

But that isn’t really your point, is it?  You do think you are special, don’t you?  Are you serious?  Are you frick’in kidding me?