The South China Sea Is the Future of Conflict

The South China Sea Is the Future of Conflict.

Uh, yeah.  China is acting like a two year old.  Hard to blame them with an American administration that can’t get out of their own way and in every other way in foreign affairs appears to be intentionally making nice with those who used to be our enemies.  Our citizenship laws allow visiting foreigners to come to the U.S. on vacation, pregnant, drop their baby while on vacation in the U.S. and their child gets to go home with dual citizenship.  Walla!  Presto!  Chango!  But I digress.

Our universities are full of Chinese students getting educated at what are still the best schools in the country.  But again, I digress.

The Chinese military is rolling out new generations of weaponry that is based on technology that has not been battle tested.  It is not necessarily ready for prime time.  Well, there is only one way to work on the bugs in weapons systems and that is to have a good old fashioned dust up.  This is what Hitler’s Germany did in Spain using a pseudo-war for the purposed of wringing out their new weapons and developing strategies for using them most effectively.


So while the U.S. military has been whittled down in order to direct funds to more “peaceful” means like food stamps, and other wealth redistributive efforts, our enemies have been arming up.  In the South China Sea, China has been picking on long time friend, the Philippines, and now Japan, claiming territorial rights to waters, islands and airspace and daring anyone to do anything about it.  And that is a double dare!

The thing with weapon systems made from technologies purchased and/or stolen from others is that does not mean that China possesses a innate capability to do research and development, to design and manufacture new versions of products and ideas in a timely and productive way that will achieve the level of quality and performance that a dominant world bully, er, I mean leader would need to be feared, er, I mean be respected in their neighborhood and around the world.

The Bear and the Dragon

Just a one of Tom Clancy’s novels portrayed an airliner being used as a weapon years before 9/11, he also wrote a book called “The Bear and The Dragon” which pitted Russia against China.  Proving weapons against neighbors who have nothing comparable, like the Philippines, is not a real test.  So who in the neighborhood is also arming up and developing new generations of weapons after a couple of decades of dormant activity?  Russia.  And who is also acting like he wants to restore Russia to it’s former glory as the big bad Bear in their hemisphere … you got it … Putin.  Tom Clancy was a very insightful guy and the timing of his story may just be coming around.  Just maybe.  Wait and see.  I do not think the Chinese will be foolish enough to test their “new” systems, weapons, pilots, etc. on even the minimized US military.  Still too many bugs to work out.  And what remains of the U.S. capabilities can still pack a mean punch.  I think they would get their butts kicked.

Think it’s a little far fetched?  That’s what people thought about driving airliners into business towers before 9/11.  Not likely you say.  Are you serious?  Are you frick’in kidding me?


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