SEAL Team 6 Disaster Will Get Congressional Hearing

SEAL Team 6 Disaster Will Get Congressional Hearing.

After reading the book “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell, I had to seriously wonder about the planning that went on sending our premier guys into harm’s way.  From reading a book it appeared that there were some major defects in thinking about how and where guys would be located for a reconnaissance and what their plan B is should the proverbial SHTF.  In a rescue effort, a bunch of guys were sent in a Chinook, shot down and all were killed.  Why, I asked were these guys all together in a single, slow moving, large assed target ripe for RPG’s?


And just a couple of weeks after OBL is taken out in a raid by SEAL Team 6, and Barry does laps taking credit for finding, fixing and killing the no. 1 target for America, so many are again taken out in a single, large assed, slow moving target.  When I think of SEAL’s, I think of fast movers.  I think of small teams.  Everything about this scenario smells rotten to me.  I admit I have not been in the military.  I did not serve.  My father did in Vietnam.  When he came back, he told me to stay in school.

But my instincts tell me that the planning, the lack of equipment, or whatever excuses are offered up for why the elite of our men are place in a single, large, relatively slow moving target with no site prep (bombing, strafing, whatever you want to call it) leaves them easy pickings for a single guy with and RPG is just stupid?  How is this possible?  Who screwed the pooch?  Why isn’t someone hanging from the yardarm, or if they are, why haven’t we been told?

While distasteful as it seems, I think we all know that it is within the realm of possibility that our guys were “offered” up as payment for assistance from some “enemy” of America so that certain people could have their day in the sun claiming to have taken out OBL.  I pray it isn’t true.  But I also have no faith in another Congressional hearing.

How about a criminal investigation?  Too much of this shit happens and no one pays for it.  Our heroes pay, their families pay, America pays, but the big wigs in the halls of Washington and the military hide behind “National Security” concerns or “the fog of war.”  No one is responsible?  Are you serious?  Are you frick’in kidding me?


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