Peter Schiff Bashes “Feeble And Fictitious” Budget Deal | Zero Hedge

Peter Schiff Bashes “Feeble And Fictitious” Budget Deal | Zero Hedge.

It is interesting to me when a deal like this is announced and a Republican star like Paul Ryan is paired with a whozzat? like Patty Murray (man, these Dem women are fugly!) to announce a deal? before vacation time that is supposed to put the public at ease so they can go their merry way and spend like crazy to pump up the economy with money they just don’t have in the wallet.  Credit maybe.  Cash, not likely.


And then John Boner has a melt-down because some people (and he calls out the TEA party much to Harry Reid’s delight!) don’t like the deal and reads them the riot act and is shocked and has never seen this in his tenure as SOTH (speaker of the house).  SUMBITCH should STFU and go take his vacation.  Everyone would be better off.


Peter Schiff calls it as he sees it and also thinks it was a wasted display of political ineptitude, glad handing and probably more posturing for the upcoming run for 2016.  At this rate, Trey Gowdy or Rand Paul get my attention more than this limp wristed attempt at crossing the aisle for political solution to the deficit problem and debt ceiling debate which will come up again early next year.  When will the Republicans grow a pair and stand up for principles and fight back to the BS tactics that the left constantly put into play, maybe I’ll start paying serious attention to what they have to say.  Nuclear option?  OK Harry Reid, you want to play … bring it on!

The system is broken and only a major catastrophe will cause a reset.  It will be painful and it will not be pretty.  The only thing that Peter Schiff neglects to discuss, although he alludes to them, are the “outside powers” who will not tolerate the continued fiscal irresponsibility being displayed in D.C.  I wonder what he was referring to, or about whom he was referring.

But another political deal that accomplishes nothing.  Do they think they are really fooling anyone?  Are they serious?  Are you frick’in kidding me?


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