A simple thing you can do to start the reform of America: get angry | Fabius Maximus

A simple thing you can do to start the reform of America: get angry | Fabius Maximus.

Fabius tends to take the long, academic look at things whereas I like to break things down in simpler terms.

Most Americans are simply focused inwardly, looking only at their own problems.  Do they have a job?  Do they have food on the table?  And now the Obamacare distraction of “Do they have health insurance, never mind the broken promises made by the President himself.”

The driver to me is PAIN.  When sufficient pain is realized, then anger happens and change will result.  Pain is personal.  It will not accumulate in sufficient quantity for a sufficient duration to sustain committed action as in civil action where consequences could be dire because the government will not simply stand by and allow such displays to happen without repercussion.  People have to be under sufficient pain to be willing to risk other consequences as acceptable alternatives to the present.



And then there is the issue of where to focus the anger.  Again, the forces of evil have been at work dividing the people who are easily made to point fingers at one another as the cause of all the ills of the others.  Somehow, and you might think that lies coming consistently from one administration trying to take over one sixth of the economy and turning inside-out would at least get people looking in the same direction, but nooooo!

People place themselves and their needs ahead of our country.  What is needed is just what the Founders did and that was to set aside personal concerns and risk all so the union could develop and continue … so that tryanny and royalty would be wiped away … so that liberty and freedoms could rule the day and government be established to serve the people.

Government serve the people?  Are you serious?  Are you frick’in kidding me?


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