The Mind of a Chef | Shows | PBS Food

The Mind of a Chef | Shows | PBS Food.

Just woke up from a nap and turned on the TV to  TLC and the program “The Mind of A Chef” with Chef David Chang was on.  I find this show interesting as he travels to different locales and finds out how local ingredients are actually made.  I mean the real thing.  Not the Americanized versions sold in the U.S.  All well and good.  Kind of a different twist from the science approach that Chef Alton Brown takes with his show “Good Eats.”

David Chang is not a kind guy and is rather crude in his commentary.  Probably why he is a favorite on PBS.  Well, what shocked me was he was at a Tofu factory describing how tofu was made and how the tofu sold in America was “crap.”  And somewhere along the line, and quite literally out of the blue, he says “I assume if someone doesn’t like Tofu, they must be some kind of weird hardcore conservative!”

I was listening and I said to myself “What did he just say?”  Does that mean that the only people who may not have a taste for this wiggly, bland looking blob of stuff can be what he considers “weird, hardcore” conservatives?  I could not believe he says such stupidity on air and the show was aired.  PBS didn’t even see fit to edit that portion out.  Well, of course not.  PBS is a liberal bastion and recipient of government largess.  They fight mightily for this largess because they know that competing on level ground in the real commercial world is tough and without direct government support, even their loyal watchers and listeners probably could not keep them going with “private” contributions.

So I know that this is only one more example of the double standard that exists in the media.  Have a conservative make a similarly stupid comment about liberals or any other group of people and liberals would be screaming not only for that persons job, but for their head!

It is nice to have these people come out of the closet and so blatantly reveal themselves because it saves me the time and money of investing more of my life in theirs.  I’m sure when their actions wind up eventually with cancellation of their shows, they will cry in their tofu.  Think I will give a hoot?  Are you serious?  Are you frick’in kidding me?


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