Mandela- beyond the image | Flopping Aces

Mandela- beyond the image | Flopping Aces.

My friend John and I were shopping yesterday at a local membership warehouse similar to Costco and we met a man from the Ivory Coast.  He said he had moved to the Philippines for freedom and to escape the war that is going on there.  He visibly shuddered as he spoke about what was going on back in his homeland.

But as we parted, we wished him well and he, he wished us a “Merry Christmas!”  With a smile on his face, you could see the simply joy of being able to live in relative freedom and how much that meant to him.

And yet, around the world, there are thugs killing their own people for wealth and power and no one does anything about it.  Muslims are attempting to “transform” America into a caliphate ruled by Sharia rather than fixing their own countries and taking care of their own people.  And in countries that are democratic in nature, socialist/communist elements are trying to “transform” those countries into what their ideologies call utopia.  Their efforts to correct all the world’s inequalities would leave everyone equally miserable.  And a horrible price would be paid getting there as has been demonstrated in history over and over again.  And yet, these ideologues, how have not one success to point to, push on!  Forward!

And our POTUS and his kool-aid drinkers also push on.  Forward!  Are you serious?  Are you frick’in kidding me?


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