In the MIDDLE of the RIGHT: We interrupt your day

In the MIDDLE of the RIGHT: We interrupt your day.

Today was Sunday in Manila and I was at a bookstore picking up some books.  I set them down as I had accumulated a pile of about six or seven (used) books only to find one girl thumbing through them.  A group of high school girls had taken over the store and were enjoying themselves.  Anyway, I mentioned that I was planning on buying the books she was looking at and she apologized.  But I told her that if she was interested in any, I might not be buying all of them.  One of them was about the Battle of Britain.  I asked her if she knew anything about that subject to which she said “No.”  So, being a kindly lolo (grandfather figure) I started telling her about the Brits fighting for their lives against the Nazi’s who had vanquished the European mainland and that they had to do so for several years before the U. S. entered the war.

Then I transitioned to WWII and the Philippines.  Again, she did not know her own country’s history.  I told her briefly how the Japanese conquered the Philippines islands along with a lot of other Asian territory and were a Japanese colony until America, led by Gen. MacArthur liberated the Islands.  I encouraged her to read up on her history.  Lots of fascinating stuff to learn.  She thanked me and went back to her friends.  Maybe my brief lecture will have an impact on this one person.  Such a price to pay and teachers do not teach students even the history of their own country.  They do not give a sense of appreciation to those to whom they are greatly indebted.

Yet, in good times, you will find many protests going on in front of the US Embassy.  But when times get tough, there will be no protests, only hands held out waiting for the goods … from their benefactors … The Americano’s.

What is it with the education systems in countries that they hide, rewrite even the good that has gone on in the world.  They even go to great lengths to hide the great evils that led to the death of so many people by those who thought they were better, knew better for the rest of the people, and were just too good to live like all the rest.  They had to subjugate their own people.  And yet, using the media, they portray themselves as saviors, protectors, benevolent dictators who go to great lengths to provide for their people.  But the overwhelming evidence says otherwise.

Death.  Destruction.  Misery.  Are you serious?  Are you frick’in kidding me?


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