AmericanMercenary: Defending market driven healthcare

AmericanMercenary: Defending market driven healthcare.


When the whole “Obamacare” idea came about, it was positioned as a way to provide “health insurance” to some 25 million uninsured.  Funny how that number has crept up to almost double that amount now in the on-going debate.

Whatever the faults were with the existing system, my inherent instinct was to “give” insurance” to those who didn’t have it and work on fixing the problems with the current system, not turn the whole thing upside down.

Liberals say the Right offers no solutions of their own.  Well, I guess that statement should be amended to say “no solutions that they like!”

Deficiencies of the current system are known and could be addressed if the political will existed.  That is where tort reform, changes in lobbying laws, and campaign finance reform to name a few would begin to address the problems.

So why turn the system upside down?  Because as with the issue of gun control and doing away with Second Amendment rights, it is all about CONTROL.  Plain and simple.

The one’s who consider themselves “the one’s we have been waiting for” can’t even control their own mouths and the expect to run the lives of millions of Americans, their health care, and the economy?  Are you serious?  Are frick’in kidding me?


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