Daily Archives: November 27, 2013

Welcome to A Crazy Place Where STUPID is Exposed

Of late, I find myself concerned that my venting about all things crazy in this world might be driving family and friends away from me, or worse making enemies of some.

So in order to take prescriptive action, I guess my Shrink would call it, positive action, I will put my energies in written form.  You are welcome to join me in my observations, discussions, and rants on all things that just don’t make any sense at all and, to me, spell the downfall of mankind.

I am a retired/disabled American male in my early sixties and live in the Philippines with my Filipina wife.  I left the good ‘ol USofA right before Barry Soetero became POTUS.  As everyone is fond of saying now, “I knew he was a fraud way back when …”, well, I knew it and I did something about it.  Why?  Because I figured the tipping point had been passed when the voting public, literally a bunch of ignorant, lazy, self-absorbed SOB’s could tip the balance in favor of freebies to elect themselves their very own Santa Claus, well, I knew the Frenchman DeTocqueville had been correct in predicting the major weakness with the American system.  I knew the system was broken beyond repair and the powers that be were driving this once great country into the ground.  Barry winning reelection in 2012 only served to confirm my conclusions.

From where I sit, I get to see all the craziness in the Philippines, in Asia at a macro level cuz I don’t travel much due to my disability, China is acting up like a two-year old who has found that it can walk and talk and make demands by throwing tantrums.  And with America having lost it’s place of preeminence in the world of respect and power, the malevolent are making their plans and acting out because they know they can get away with most anything.  The really bad actors are holding back for the right time to do their dirty work.

I will share more with you about the state of affairs locally, back home  in the USA and around the world, as there is just too much going on and the MSM is just a tool of the left, the socialist movement and the tyrannical who want to “transform” American, and the world.  Why?  Not because it is good for us or anyone else, but because it is good for a select few who hide in the shadows like the cowards they are scheming and using others to do their deeds purchased with blood money.